My story featured on Cowbird as part of the ‘Barbershop Snippets’

Grab your headphones and listen to Sega Superstar speak on identity and having a deep-rooted need to rediscover African history.

While attending a workshop for African women writers in Uganda last year, I connected with one of the leaders (Dawn Fraser) from the storytelling organization The Moth, who started her own project called ‘The Barbershop Series.’

When Dawn Fraser asked me to be part of the ‘Barbershop Snippets,’ I immediately agreed because I thoroughly enjoy using my voice to tell stories. The result was a rather personal account of my experience, defining my identity while growing up in Kenya and later in the U.S.

‘Between Kenya and the U.S – Defining Identity’ is one of my 2015  highlights, because I realized the power of storytelling literally using your voice. There are many other stories that are fascinating in the series, including Wronfully Convicted: The Style of Freedom. Listen to the ‘Barbershop Snippets’ collection on Cowbird here.