WATCH: Kenyan boxing champs struggle to survive in ‘The Last Fight’

Have you heard about ‘The Last Fight’ documentary? Here’s the sad reality for Kenyan boxers today.

A few months ago, I got the opportunity to attend a press preview of the sports documentary, ‘The Last Fight’ (Content House Kenya). The film looks at two legendary boxing clubs in decline, The Dallas Boxing Club (Nairobi) and Madison Square Garden (Nakuru).  Both clubs are praised for training world-renowned boxers in the 60s, 70s and 80s (including Africa’s first Olympic Gold medalist: Robert Wangila Napunyi).

I was gutted to learn that corruption, lack of governmental support and run-down training facilities make it challenging for talented boxers to make a living out the sport, despite being (national) champions. For so many of the subjects, boxing is a way to get out of poverty yet it is such a struggle to survive. There’s a scene where the national lightweight champion (John Kariuki) carries heavy sacks of potatoes (in the same shoes his trains in) just so he can get some money to eat.

 The Christian Science Monitor published my article (‘Why Africa became a country of runners, not boxers’), which ended up trending on the site (YAY). I was so happy to see that the Kenya Television Network (KTN) aired ‘The Last Fight’ in June, which was a hit with viewers in Kenya. (Watch the trailer below). Contact Content House Kenya about where you can watch or purchase the film if you missed it on KTN.