The Guardian: arts and culture piece published

Missed my multi-media piece for the UK newspaper? Find out more about it after the jump.

Shout-out to all the readers who hit me up to say they read The Guardian cultural guide to Nairobi, I appreciate your support and kind words. For those who missed, I curated an urban guide to Nairobi that  focused on the city’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

I would have loved to write about every dope Nairobi artist, but I had to be super selective and that was tough considering the amazing arts spaces, people and projects in the city. In the end, I decided to branch out and cover IT, music, activism, comedy (read: Shaniqwa) and more.

As for the vine video, well, that was fun to film but pretty awkward (matatu touts and passers-by were staring while I tried to keep it together, LOL).

I have to say, when I saw Okay Africa had shared the piece on their Facebook page, I smiled the whole day! I love it when people or organizations who don’t know you share or comment about your work.

By far one of the most interesting pieces I’ve done, take a look at the post if you haven’t already seen it, and don’t be shy to share your thoughts below.