Must-Watch: “Fishing Without Nets”

A Sundance award winning film on piracy, masculinity and the complex relationship Somali men have with the vice.

Hey guys, happy new year, so I’m officially back and pretty excited about this thriller you should consider adding to your “must-watch” list.

 I managed to score an interview with the Sundance award winning “Fishing Without Nets” director (Cutter Hodierne) late last year, and it was worth the wait. Read about his views on film piracy, P-Square and the New York Times article that got him thinking about Somali pirates for his feature here .

There’s a part of the movie where the pirates discuss how much each hostage is worth based on race/nationality, and it is incredibly illuminating. That scene got me thinking how some Africans believe being white automatically makes you rich, or worth more than a non-black person (which of course is misguided). I’m curious to hear what other people think about that part of the film.

 If you’re looking for your next conversation starter, “Fishing Without Nets” has plenty of issues worth discussing with a friend or two.

Fun Fact: Ginger Ink (“Nairobi Half Life” and “Veve”) worked on the feature film “Fishing Without Nets”, and Cutter spoke highly of the production team.

Check out the trailer below.