Buy Kenyan, Build Kenya

Guess which local designer is behind Sega Superstar’s fabulous FAFA dress?

Not everyone deserves to be called jatelo (boss), but Blackbird‘s Sydney should certainly be referred to as one after making me a glamorous dress for the Festival for Fashion and Arts (FAFA) on short notice. Jatelo is the only person I could think of who could help me represent Karachuonyo East to the fullest at Kenya’s most high profile fashion event.

Before you cast a side eye in my direction, I’m from a place in Karachuonyo East (Karabondi) where it is not proper for women to parade their décolletage. In my mind I could do it, but after seeing the look on my cousin’s face when I put the dress on, I remembered where I’m from and asked Sydney to re-work the front. Wamboi Kay, who is a stylist you should be following fashionistas, suggested adding lace and the result was gorge! Thank you.

Jatelo Sydney, I appreciate the fact you are in the business of making men’s suits but on May 31st, I asked myself why Blackbird is not making women’s clothing. (Please make women’s clothing).

Why not give a local designer a call next time you’re looking to buy an outfit?

In short: Buy Kenyan, build Kenya!

Featured ImageCool Pixx Photography (My friend Faridah and I stopped by Skyluxx for the Mayhem party, to celebrate my birthday with other May babies after FAFA).