Pictures of people, places and events Sega Superstar captured on Instagram since she’s been gone.

 So much has happened since I last made an Insta-View post, so I thought I’d do a quick re-cap for you. Before I leave you to get back to my assignments, don’t forget to watch at least one film from the European Film Festival at the Alliance Francaise.

Fashionistas, call a friend and tell them to meet you at the Festival for Fashion and Arts  in Nairobi.

1) At the Ebony Lounge launch with Henry (Ace Cards Entertainment founder) and Faridah in March. Next time you’re  in Museum Hill, check it out.

2) Preparing for the Film Critic Workshop, which I thoroughly enjoyed in April.

3) Sega Superstar got together with a few friends to donate books (Ilerato Primary school, Kajiado) in April. I’m so proud of Joy, the lady wearing a brown top, because she got into the YALI program. *Snaps X4*

4) Spent the Easter weekend bonding with my homegirls, Steffy (bottom right) and Diana(top right), in Mombasa. The ice-cream is from Yul’s, need I say more? I went on the Tamarind Dhow for the first time and sailing around the city, while eating good food, was awesome. I’ll be doing it again.

5) Sankara hosted the Miss Kenya launch in April with some of the former beauty queens including my favorite: Fiona Konchella (2009). I think she is beautiful.

6) I went to the BBQ Live event to support my family friends, Essie (far right) and Stacy, on their catering business: Delish by Ess. Dr Ochuodho was there to support his daughter (Essie). May got off to a good start!

7) I went to see my family in Rwanda two weeks ago, Kigali is so clean!

8) Tasted these organic cupcakes on my birthday, May 15, which were tamu (tasty)! Sugar Pie Cupcakes  people, get familiar.

9) My last post for the 50 selfies 50 days challenge, if dark skinned people don’t appreciate themselves, who will?

10) The European Film Festival is taking place at the Alliance Francaise, make sure you go. For only KES 50, I watched The Captain of Nakara and participated in the Q & A with: Charles Bukeko (Actor, far left), Mwaniki Mageria (Kenya Film Commission Board Member), Cajetan Boy (Scriptwriter), Bob Nyanja (Director).

11) I spotted Ann McCreath (right) and Ajuma (left) on Tuesday, at the Festival for Fashion and Arts(FAFA) press conference (Stanley Hotel). Meet me at FAFA on May 31st at the Oval!

Featured Image Credit: Faridah Shiku Instagram.