Forget TV, Youtube is Where It’s At

These Youtube shows will give you a reason to sign up for fast internet service.

I rarely watch telly but I’m always scouring online platforms for shows I think are gems, these are the ones I believe you’ll appreciate.

 “An African City” has to be my favorite Youtube show, because these ladies are entertaining (and we all know Sega Superstar loves to be entertained). I decided to write about it for This Is Africa after seeing it on a friend’s Facebook page. Ebony magazine and CNN have also written about the Ghanaian hit on their websites. Watch the first episode below:

Another show I can’t get enough of, I discovered it yesterday and had to watch all the episodes, is: “The Snatched Show. These two, Koodzi and Lindi, make Sega Superstar very happy. An approachable Zimbabwean and a super smart South African, with great personalities, host the show.

I’d love to meet the makers of Makarao, this Kenyan comedy cracks me up. I love it! You probably won’t get the show if you don’t speak Swahili, or get into trouble with the police.

Photo Credit: An African City.