Sega Superstar Attends Film Criticism Workshop

Watching well made films, conversing with notable industry people and defending my love for Tyler Perry films.

Know any writers who are interested in film? Tell them they cannot afford to miss the next Film Critic workshop (One Fine Day Films and Deutsche Welle Akademie). Between March 31st and April 11th, I realized there’s a difference between film reviewing and film criticism (and not everyone appreciates Tyler Perry movies quite like I do).

Apart from being ridiculed for some of my film preferences, what stood out most for me was speaking to film critics from different parts of the world, including our instructor: Giovanni Vimercati.  Every writer wants to get better at two things: writing and pitching. Skyping with Indiwire’s Editor and Senior Film Critic, Eric Kohn, definitely prompted me to review my pitching strategy. He also told us about this opportunity, which I’m sure you’ll be forwarding to a filmmaker, right? (Do tell a friend).

It was while listening to Variety African correspondent, Christopher Vourlias, that I realized there isn’t a lot of data on the local film industry,  there aren’t many quality films from Kenya being released regularly and distribution is a major problem. You hear of a local film but don’t know where to find it. We all know Hollywood and Nollywood films are dominating this market, when was the last time you saw a Kenyan film (in the cinema)?

Another valuable part of the workshop was interacting with some notable local professionals such as: Wanuri (Pumzi Director), Ng’endo Mukii (Yellow Fever Director), Destination Magazine Editor, Brennen Mathews, and The Daily Nation Editor, Phillip Mwaniki. Listening to Wanuri and Ng’endo speak, it’s clear the industry needs well trained film journalists.

If you don’t already, you must follow One Fine Day Films and do tell all the filmmakers you know to notify The Kenya Film Critics about any new projects for review.

Photo credit: One Fine Day Films and Ken Omoro.

7 thoughts on “Sega Superstar Attends Film Criticism Workshop

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    • Hey Jude, the workshop ended a while back but I’ll send you an email with some contacts you may find helpful. In the meantime, you can hop on Facebook and like the following pages: Kenya Film Critics and One Fine Day Films to get timely info about upcoming workshops and learn about other opportunities.

      By the way, there isn’t a lot of local content about Kenyan film online and I think it would be an excellent addition to your website. (I like it and will be reading).

  2. Thanks Josephine,

    I’m working on an article on African cinema and in that article I will write a bit on Kenyan Cinema. I’m now following One Fine Day Films and Kenya Film Critics so I’ll make sure to include the late One Fine Day’s latest movies in my article.

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