Travel: New York

Take a look at the concrete jungle from this Kenyan photographer’s perspective.

 When I saw the pictures Emma Cheppy sent me, I had to put everything down and post them here for you to appreciate. She is one of the first people I asked to contribute to the blog. I first met the Kenyan photographer at a house party in New York (it was the same one where Faridah and I first got to know each other). Back then I was a little more shy, so I scuttled over to the foosball table and spent pretty much all evening on it.

 Can you believe Emma snapped these images on her Nokia Lumia 1020 phone? She nicknamed the device Larry and I think you’ll agree he did a phenomenal job.

Emma’s New York.

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3 thoughts on “Travel: New York

  1. Amazing the different facades of New York. I was so busy freezing and hating the subways that I did not take time to savour the beauty portrayed in these pictures. Well well well! Very nice pics.

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