Could This Be Capital FM’s New Host?

She’s read Kiswahili news for Voice of America and now wants to be Capital FM’s new radio host.

I’ll have you know I rarely put down my books for anyone, but when I got a text from my friend (Faridah) last Saturday, I decided  I could spare my morning at the Capital FM offices to support her. Faridah entered the radio station’s competition: Capital The One because her dream is to have her own show.

For as long as I’ve known Faridah, she’s wanted to be on radio. We started hanging out after our first broadcast class together, at the United States International University (USIU), when she remembered meeting me at a house party in New York. I was impressed by her memory (and later, her sense of humor). We ended up hosting a college radio show, The Rampage, which attracted some shade from colleagues but with time, support from our our classmates. By the way, she’s the only female friend I have who adores Kendrick Lamar’s music as much as I do. (Extra friendship points for that).

 Anyway, she’s read Kiswahili news for Voice of America and is working as DSTV’s Online Editor in Nairobi. Watch out for Faridah, this girl is a riot! You can listen to her demo here.

Good luck Faridah Shiku. (Translation: Follow her work and vote for her)!

Capital FM Photos: Magara Felix.

ION: Navio was in town and apparently stopped by the Insyder Magazine offices yesterday.

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