The Plagiarism Update

It’s been over five months since this Sunday Nation writer first saw his work printed in another newspaper.

Carlos Mureithi might have to let that plagiarism issue go. While re-reading his Sunday Nation article (22.09.2013), and Cyrus Ombati’s Standard newspaper report (25.09.2013),  it was clear whole sentences had been lifted from the Nation story.

Five months have passed since the Westgate Attack articles were published, and Carlos’s plagiarism claim still hasn’t been addressed.

All is not lost though! He was accepted into the One Fine Day Films (OFDF) /Deutsche Welle Akademie (DW Akademie) Film Critic Workshop. OFDF are behind the wildly popular Kenyan film: Nairobi Half Life. 

I digress only because I can’t help thinking: “Maybe Carlos should focus on new opportunities.”  I feel your judgement, I do, but this is not the first (young) writer I know whose work has been plagiarized. The media industry is rough like that (in Kenya), people don’t get answers about issues like this.

Carlos, I hope you can prove me wrong and have the plagiarism issue sorted out BUT if you choose to let it go, well, I understand.

Sega Superstar. 

Photo Credit: The Institute.

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  1. That is wise guidance, Sega Superstar! Carlos needs to grow wings of eagles and fly to where chicken cannot reach. All the very best Carlos!

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