I Heart Her Art

 I never get tired of seeing this woman’s work.

Every once in a while, I’ll get something in my inbox that excites me thoroughly. When I saw Wini Awuondo’s new   website, I couldn’t contain my giddiness and rushed home to blog about it. She’s a super dope young artist whose work I spotted in DJ Cortega‘s crib. In short, Wini is the cool kid on the art block. We can finally track her work online and it’s strange because I was just telling an artist about her recently and then she pulls a Beyonce. I love it.

wini 5

You can read a little feature I wrote on her here. Long story short, she’s one to watch. I haven’t seen anything quite like her art in Nairobi, and I’ve been attending a few exhibitions in this city. Support local artists and share her work won’t you?

Follow Wini on Instagram: afro_urbanite

Sega Superstar.

2 thoughts on “I Heart Her Art

  1. Sega Superstar you are magnanimous! Thanks for pointing Wini out to us. Now I know where to get my collection. Great job!

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