Sega Superstar takes the South African city of Johannesburg. Here’s where you should eat, shop and explore.

 Don’t let anyone make you feel bad for refusing to share your food, from the Blackanese restaurant, in the super hip Maboneng Precinct. I can’t recall a word anyone said after my first bite of the fish and rice, but I can tell you it was the best meal I had during my ten day trip to Johannesburg.  Arts on Main will make the fashionistas go gaga over the quirky and trendy pieces on sale. An absolute must for the hipsters.

It appears all the cool kids in Jozi are wearing snapbacks, especially at the Kendrick Lamar concert which was the highlight of my trip. K Dot killed it! I couldn’t go all the way to South Africa and not visit the Hector Pieterson museum in Soweto as I am a history fan. I tried to find Mr Walter Sisulu‘s home after but I got lost and walked to Nelson Mandela‘s former residence instead.

If you intend to get a feel for the nightlife, I humbly suggest you go and learn how to move first. I thought I could dance until I saw people breaking it down to Kwaito music. I promptly found several seats in a corner (myself, my ego and my heels) and just plonked myself there until I could handle the scene. (I had some locals teach me how to move like them, and that lesson ended. Promptly but with many a laugh). Times Square Cafe in Melville. 

My darling friend Tumi took me to the Rosebank Gautrain station so I could connect to Sandton, and I’ll definitely be using the train next time I’m in Joburg.

 I’d love to hear your suggestions on places I should visit or even how to dance to Kwaito music, so don’ be shy to send me an email:

Photo Credit: Spaza.