This is not a book review of Invisible

                   There are three things you don’t want to be in a country like Kenya: an atheist, a poor immigrant or a homosexual.

Invisible: Stories from Kenya’s queer community is a literary work which shares the experiences of Kenyan gay, lesbian, transexual, and intersex people. The Goethe Institut published the novel which is part of a book series: Contact Zones. If you’re curious about the artistic, intellectual and social changes in contemporary Kenya, you need to check out the organization’s work.

Something that stood out for me, was how some individuals in this book were so consumed by shame they turned to religion in the hope it would cure them of their queerness. Never underestimate a human being’s need to gain acceptance, even if it means denying who you really are.

Even if you don’t approve of queer people, I really believe you should still read Invisible (write to me, I’ll even lend you my copy). Nothing wrong with being exposed to a different perspective. Kevin Mwachiro must be an excellent journalist, because the subjects really opened up to him which helps the reader to connect on a human level. I am just happy that more books are coming out about the social experiences of Kenyan people. (We were getting tired of reading text books and political biographies).

Dissecting Invisible taught me all human beings want to be accepted and secrecy breeds shame, which can result in low self esteem. Be yourself, find people who accept you (as you learn to accept yourself) and give people room to be themselves if you don’t understand them.

I wasn’t planning on preaching but I really had to get that out. I believe you can contact Goethe Institut about getting yourself a copy of the book.

Sega Superstar.

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