Going to America

Once upon a time, The Viewfinder was a travel blog.

Before I started preaching, my plan was to make The Viewfinder a travel blog. I am still super psyched about that, so I had various people send pictures of places and moments they love. We begin with Miss A.

As rough as 2013 was, there were life changing, defining, happy moments I am glad I experienced. Some of them I will never forget and others have started fading away. 2013 took to me to Miami, Los Angeles and Block Island for the first time. I met Emeli Sande at her Boston concert just before she became big over in the USA. I signed my first lease, I turned 25, I went skydiving, parasailing, jet skiing, I graduated with my Master’s degree, stepped in the pacific ocean (I’ve now been in all three oceans) and spent my first Christmas after seven years in Kenya with my family. Theses are just a few of the great things that happened to me in 2013. All in all, I’m glad I opened my (2013) happy jar. I can now say goodbye to last year and fully embrace 2014. 

Miss A.