Why it Pays to Invest in Your Dream

Hollywood’s golden girl, Lupita Nyong’o, proves that investing in yourself is a smart decision. You might want to do the same after reading this.

 It was just last year when I got back in touch with a long lost schoolmate of mine, Paula Rogo. I remember reading this exclusive Lupita Nyong’o article on her website, and trying to work out how an editor failed to follow through and publish the piece. Paula wrote about the actress when she had just graduated from Yale’s School of Drama.

In the article, Lupita talks to Paula about doubting her path but deciding to pursue acting anyway: “I thought if I wake up one day and I am 60-years-old and I say, ‘I wish I could have tried acting, and I have regret, I would have never forgiven myself,” she said. “So while I can, while I am young, while it might be a possibility I could do well, let me do it now.”

She’s certainly doing something right because Lupita Nyong’o is officially an Oscar nominated actress for her role as the slave girl, Patsey, in the critically acclaimed film “12 Years A Slave”. Can you say YOLO? (You Only Live Once or in the words of some Luo somewhere in Kenya, “You’re Only Luo Once”). Lupita took time to hone her craft by going to the best school she could get into, by acting and by being authentic. She has made history by being the first Kenyan to be nominated for the prestigious Academy Award in the Best Supporting Actress category.

It pays to invest your time and resources in your dream, à la Lupita, and to do it all by owning your experiences.(If you never get a prestigious award nomination, don’t worry, maybe you can try again in your next life).

Now that I’m done preaching, I have a serious announcement to make: 

For the next few days, Luos will be trying to work out their relation to the star in the same fashion they did when Obama became president. I’ll start by saying I went to the same school as Lupita (Rusinga). Also, how gorgeous is Lupita’s chocolate skin tone?  

Sega Superstar. 

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  1. Totally agree about the editor who didn’t publish this piece (shame for both the pub and I) and everything you said about Lupita. Invest in yourself indeed!

    • To think timeliness is a journalistic value.*sigh* Do share any more articles you write or have published Paula.

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