Who Needs Sleep When You Can Create an Award Winning Work?

This film was created in 48 hours.

 I found out about The 48 Hour Film Project late last year while I was scrolling down my Facebook feed, which I’ll have you know has some pretty interesting events and the usual foolish sentiments. Anyway, I later learned a couple of friends would be participating in the competition including actor and photographer, Miami Silas (whose participation I only found out about a few days ago). He plays the lead in the film above, Dead Wrong, and is in this month’s issue of UP Magazine. (Check out his grooming tips and follow him on Instagram: @miamisilas).

Around midnight on November 29, Sega Superstar drove to meet a team of people who were working on their film, Exit Strategy, for the 48 Hour Film Project. The rather hilarious plot line involved a one night stand, and a rather unfortunate misunderstanding by the time I was leaving at 3:00 a.m. in the morning. (I’ll post the video when it’s online).

 I walked out of the meeting thinking: If these guys are still friends after the weekend is up, there’s no excuse for them to fall out over something foolish in the future.  Friendships that can survive that kind of intensity and pressure are real.

Both films, Dead Wrong and Exit Strategy, won awards. I’m almost certain many filmmakers saw that poster and chose not to participate in the competition, even when they could have entered and completed the challenge. I love it when I can write posts like this, because it’s a reminder that time is finite so we need to be open to challenges.

Here is the winning film, Bulb:

I wrote a feature on it for UP Magazine, will share the link once it is online.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve done in a 48 hour period? If it’s PG rated and worth sharing, do shoot me an email: info@viewfinderss.com or comment below.

Sega Superstar.

Photo Credit: Jacque Wambui.