A Life Lesson from Blackbird’s Zeddy Lukoye

This brand makes me want to come back as a well dressed man in my next life.

Interviewing individuals who give great quotes makes an article effortlessly interesting, but what I love most is walking away with a lesson I can use in my own life. “A tailor won’t make you look good, you’ve got to make your s*** look good,” said Zeddy Lukoye who is one of the two designers for menswear label, Blackbird.

 That wasn’t actually the quote that had the life lesson in it, but it was certainly one of the best lines I’ve heard all year. In June, I spoke to Zeddy for the article: How To Rock a Suit  for UP Magazine. At the time, I was frustrated that half the year was gone and my blog wasn’t really coming together how I’d planned.

 “[Sidney Owino and I] don’t want to rush anything, we’re building a timeless brand so we’re taking it slowly,” Zeddy explained. When he said that, I just stopped scribbling quotes and let that utterance sink in.

The lesson for me was that there’s no point forcing a process. When it comes to excellence, do it your way and do it at the right time. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing, as long as you’re on the path to achieving your goals.

“We want to come up with a universal global brand, not a Kenyan brand,” Zeddy emphasized during the Skype interview. I decided to do as the Blackbird boys are doing and take my time with projects next year. Will you be following suit in 2014?

To read the article, How To Rock a Suit, kindly send a message to:  info@viewfinderss.com and I’ll organize for you to get a copy.