Writer to Watch: Carlos Mureithi

I admit it, there are very few writers whose work I will read to the end but Mr Carlos Mureithi is almost certainly an exception.

 Any journalist who reports professionally and accurately has my respect, especially when reporting an issue that is close to home. Carlos wrote about the Tortillaz raid that saw many United States International University (USIU) students arrested (and ridiculed on Twitter) in January 2013 for The Daily Nation where he works.

He is also the only journalist in this country who wrote about the inaccuracies in Binyavanga’s book, One Day I Will Write About This Place.  Only a few months away from graduation, I am going to make a bold prediction and say that Carlos Mureithi is a writer to watch.Loved this piece.

In May 2013, The Media Council of Kenya named Carlos Mureithi as the Young Journalist of the Year Award (Print category) runner up. Congratulations Carlos!

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