Letter to the DJ

Dear DJ,

Because of you I will have to book another appointment with my hairdresser. Had I known what was in store for me, then I would have remembered to carry a towel.

Every time I tried to get up and leave the club, you’d start playing a song that would have me dancing through my pain.I was mad and happy at the same time. No DJ has ever had that effect on me and I’m not sure to handle this new experience.

 Even buying water became an inconvenience and we need to stay hydrated Dj, so you might want to give us breaks to recover. Tho! Kind sir, I have back problems so please explain how you expect me to cross that highway after a playlist like that?
Also, you embarrassed me.  I ran out of moves right around the time you played Azonto. (I had only planned to be there for an hour or two and practiced accordingly). I fell apart, I didn’t know whether to do Karaoke or stick to the same moves.
I must admit it that it was hard accepting that I would be at the club till early in the morning. Honestly, you really need to warn people of what to expect lest someone gets hurt. (I am hurting).
I humbly suggest you rate your gigs accordingly:
1          Mfalme for Beginners.
2          Mfalme for Intermediates.
3          Mfalme Higher Level (Carry flats and a towel).
I am not one to hold a grudge, lakini, please be polite as it is important to be considerate of people’s hair, feet and plans. For surpassing my expectations, I suppose you get a big star.
Sega Superstar.