Chilling in Cape Town

The plan was to bust a move at the Chris Brown concert in Cape Town since it was summer (and Chris Brown was in Cape Town).

Well, I ended up in Cape Town chilling with a friend, who’d just graduated from the University of Cape Town (UCT), but what didn’t happen was the Breezy concert. Let’s just say he has fans in South Africa! (The sea and food more than made up for not seeing Breezy though).

Camps Bay is a chic spot in Cape Town with beautiful restaurants and homes where individuals like myself walk around trying to act “Kenyan Cool”. (That is when you are trying not to look like a loiterer in a place that is very cool, but you still end up looking like a loiterer anyway). My reason? A beautiful Ferrari parked nearby. All my cool points disappeared in the blink of a stare.

Here’s hoping 2014 will see Breezy back on the continent and that this time I’ll be chilling in Camps Bay after an awesome night out with some friends (and managing not to look like a loiterer).

Photo credits go to Bree Odallo.